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2013-14 "Under the Radar" and Surprise Teams?

I think the Titans will be much improved this year and they should surprise a lot of people.
Of those 3 teams you mentioned, are any of them really surprises at this point if they do well? They are already on the cusp of putting everything together.

A surprise to me would be like if San Diego wins the AFC west, or Browns beating out Pitt or Cincy to get into the playoffs.

IMO the Browns could be the biggest surprise. They kind of remind me of the 2011 niners... underrated running game, good trenches, up and down QB, lackluster receiving core. But if they can demonstrate a ball control offense with Richardson fully healthy, and play solid defense they might be able to sneak into the playoffs as a wild card. Which would be a pretty big surprise.
The bills. to me they have too much talent not to make the playoffs this year. between the williams brothers disrupting the backfield to bird and gilmore on the backend locking it down. They need to stay healthy on offense, and if they do watch out with manuel under center. steve johnson on the outside fred jackson up the gut and cj spiller for everything inbetween
Good OP - have to agree. Along those lines I would have to put a list like this together:

On the RISE (Surprises - will outperform expectations):
1. Rams
2. Dolphins
3. Chiefs / Eagles (I have to see if the Chiefs play for Reid, or if his leadership is worn out by too many years coaching)

Will be hard to maintain supremacy:
1. 49ers - SEA and Rams are going to be tough this year; wouldn't be shocked if 49ers get in as a WC just because of the randomness of win/losses in the league
2. Ravens - obviously lost a lot of pieces
3. Texans - Just don't think they every put it all together - won't make playoffs again this year.

In Decline (had a down year and have further to fall):
1. Steelers
2. Chargers
3. Bears

1. Cowboys - players are tuning out the coaching staff - really bad sign.
2. Jets - players know it's Rex's last year - Gino Smith won't save them, players will quit
3. ??

Bad - and Will Stay Bad:
1. Bills
2. Jags
3. Browns
4. Titans
5. Raiders
6. Cardinals
I'll tell you after week two.

My guess right now is the chiefs
Originally posted by Imfasterthanur:
Originally posted by AUniner:
I wouldn't be surprised to see the Brown's turn heads this year. They play good def and Richardson will be great. I think they could fight for a wildcard

Don't tell that to this guy:

But like a true fan, he still shows up next Sunday lol
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