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Atlanta Falcons New Stadium Concepts

The Falcons are getting a new stadium and the concept design are f**king crazy, especially the second one. Life is good when the cost of living is so cheap.

Is the Georgia Dome crap or something because that came out in 1992
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That is super hi-tech !! Wow.
Thayer should donate the dome to the faiders and got dem dafuq outta da Bay
Am I going to go watch a football game or get on a thrill ride?
Doing to damn much. what if that glass shattered? hell that's going to be built, lol.
even though I don't like the looks, and hate domes, I will admit the opening of each looks pretty bad ass. Just not a practical way to spend money.
Originally posted by JerryRice1848:
Is the Georgia Dome crap or something because that came out in 1992

ive been there. It's not too bad at all.
wow that stadium is too fancy for my liking....
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won't be built lol
Niners need to start h*tting up SF for a new stadium again - should get it by 2065
LOL wow. There is NO chance that actually gets built. What else does it do, transform into a robot and give tours of Atlanta? They should just make the roof a giant hovercraft they can remove entirely.

A colossal waste of money for a city who are well known as the worst big market sports fans in America.

The theme of that stadium would be "Ehh, were having some technical difficulties..."
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That's some ugly chit!!