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Vote for best Division in football

Vote for best Division in football

My vote is obvious, FEAR THE WEST!!!!

The 9ers and Hawks have two of the most talented rosters, staffs and FO's in the entire sport....

The Rams are one of the up and coming teams in the league from top to they have multiple 1st rounders this year and next.

The Cards, who already had one of the most talented D's in the league, brought in a solid football mind in Arians, signed Mendenhall on the cheap to compete with the young guys at RB and traded for Palmer to throw bombs to Fitz, Floyd and Roberts. If they didn't have a picket fence for a line, they would be a playoff contender ( they may draft 7 linemen in 3 weeks ).

Bottom line, from top to bottom, this is the best division in football, AND it's just getting started. All I can say is...ITS ABOUT DAMN TIME!!!!

All the years of mediocrity, where other fans would say "yeah, but you play in the NFC West" IS OVER!!!! The NFC West will be the most feared division for the foreseeable future.
If I was on a team going to visit an NFCW team.... I would be nervous!
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Some knucklehead voted for the AFC East.
Is this a serious Q?
I could hear an argument for the NFC North but the AFC East is garbage.

The NFC South would be up there too IMO.
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