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What about the Rams?

They concern me and by that I mean I am concerned for how the Niners handle the Rams in 2013. They are playing inspired football and will be a tough out this year. It seems to me that their defense is what beat us in the last game and that was done by creating pressure from every angle possible. We need our pass rush back to get to Bradford and I won't miss Jackson having his career days against our defense either.

I thought I would just start a thread about them, because they are not being mentioned and they are on the upswing.

I still think the division is in this order

But I think the difference between STL and us will be 2 games, maybe 3. I know it is possible that 3 teams go to the playoffs from the same division, it seems like a legitimate situation if they continue to get better.
They will definetly get better. Good moves in FA, not great but pretty good.

The RGIII trade is still paying off dividends. Fisher is a very good coach and their D has really improved.

I don't think they'll be in contention for a few years.
tend to not worry about divisional teams. we play them twice, likely to at least win once. what we do outside of the division is more important to me. they can play us tough, can they play the rest of league tough?
Meh, I dont foresee them being an issue (next season at least).

Their offense got weaker with the losses of Jackson, Amendola, and Brandon Gibson (who quietly had a solid year).

On defense, they made some strides as the year went on but they still have a ways to go. That said, I expect them to be the team's strongest unit next season.

Really for the Rams it all comes down to the draft. They still need a LOT of talent before they can compete and I just don't see that happening in the short term.

And honestly, I'm still not feeling the warm and fuzzies from Bradford. I know that high turnover with the coaching staff has impeded his progress (see, it's not just Alex). I just don't see *it* when I watch him play.

Though, I'm sure the perpetually crappy o-line isn't helping.
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i'm not sleeping on them.

they've gone one of the more underrated front 4's in football.
The Lambs? Meh .....
Fischer is a good coach who a does a lot with less... with all these draft picks I would be surprised if they weren't a good team

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