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Delanie Walker has left the building

Good luck to him. I will never forget that 4th down play to beat the lions.
Originally posted by Harkonnenzombie:
Sucks for him, he left a dynasty in the making!!!!

Time for Ertz
Sucks, but expected
time to change my Madden roster again...

hes gonna be able to do so many new and exciting things with his hands now that they wont have any annoying rings weighing them down
the 'Swiss knife' no longer resides in The Bay.
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There are several good TE's in the draft. Ertz from Stanford is my favorite. He would be an upgrade over Walker, especially in the hands department.
I liked him...
I liked him...
Will be missed. GL Delanie

He had a good run as a niner but I kinda feel like we all saw this coming as far as him leaving. I trust that Baalke can net us some good TE talent moving forward, what's the word on Garrett Celek anyway...?
He could do a lot of things but did nothing especially well.
@AdamSchefter: Tennessee signed former 49ers TE Delanie Walker to a 4-year, 17.5 million deal that included $8.6 million guaranteed.
Walker will be missed and I really hate to see him go, to be with another team and give them all he has given us .. oh well, braking up is hard to do..
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