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Should 49ers pursue Steven Jackson?

Should 49ers pursue Steven Jackson?

Dumbest question ever!

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He would never want to come here regardless.

He is not a washed up Jacobs. Guy can still play at a high level. He wants to be a starter, and he will be.
I really like Steven Jackson. He runs hard. He's big. He's a smart player. He's versatile. He's a more powerful, less shifty version than Gore, pretty much.
But with the backs we have, he'd mostly be used as a power-back, and would mostly run the same style of runs as Frank Gore... so he wouldn't really be much of a change-of-pace that complements Gore. (Of course, if Gore got injured, we'd have a minimal drop in switching to Jackson).

To summarize, if we had both Gore and Jackson on the team, healthy, we'd really only see Steven Jackson two, three times a game, in a short-yardage situation. The 49ers would rather bring in Hunter or James, guys with different styles of runs, when Gore goes to the bench.

Besides, we already have a guy who can fulfill that two, three short-yardage runs in a game... Anthony Dixon. He didn't do it for us last year, but this year... he was pretty good in short-yardage situations. Throw in the fact that he's a special teams player, and has been in the same system for awhile, we're fine with Dixon as our fourth back.

It'd be nice to have Steven Jackson, but a guy like that deserves to get more carries and more money than he'd get here.
Originally posted by ninermedic:

If we signed Steven Jackson then we'd have this weird albino kid following us around too

You mean his twin?
He still has too much in the tank to come here on a much decreased role. Maybe in 2 seasons or freak accident
lock this sh*t
Yess do it!! He is damn a beast and big strongest!! sign him our team plss..

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Originally posted by LoneWolf:
Originally posted by Young2Rice:
If he's cheap, he can take Jacob's spot. I don't see why not.

Two bulls = Gore and Jackson

Two hare's = hunter and james

One Gazzelle = Kaep

One cheerleader = Dixon

I agree but the chances of Jackson being cheap are probably really low especially when teams like the Packers or Patriots could really use a RB like Jackson.

Would cutting Dixon and using his cap money +Jacobs' money get it done?

Pretty much saying run with one less rb
Gore, Hunter, James, Dixon. where do u see a spot for steven jackson? he makes too much money to be a backup and we have a bunch of studs behind gore

Originally posted by hondakillerzx:
Gore, Hunter, James, Dixon. where do u see a spot for steven jackson? he makes too much money to be a backup and we have a bunch of studs behind gore

Wow! First post ever implying Dixon is a stud!

And no to Jackson.
They don't have the money to do it.

Why would the 49ers sign Steven Jackson? We have Gore, Hunter, and James. All of whom deserve playing time. Steven Jackson wants to be THE guy for his new team. Also, hes not washed up. Jackson is still very much an upper tier RB. Hes going to cost alot of money.

Sometimes I wonder if people making threads in Niner Talk even follow football...
How many running backs do we need?
dont need him and have no room for him
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