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Cary Williams pushing the referee/Rule change needed

As I recall Justin Smith once getting ejected from a game for swiping a refs hand off his jersey.

Even Stokely gets for giving the ref a "high five"....

Cary Williams jumped up and straight pushed the ref and the ref just stared at him! Then doesn't get a fine?!?!? That refs job should at least be under review.

How often does a personal foul flag get called on the player who retaliates? There was a personal foul flag on Joe Staley, when he was retaliating for a raven lunging at his knee at the end of a play, that off set Cary Williams pushing the ref when Joe Staley could have easily had his career ended?

In reference to another game....don't start none won't be none


Basically this has gone unrecognized through the media, no talk about the two fights that happened on the field.what so ever. There needs to be a review on situations whenever they call a personal foul because rarely if ever has it been called correctly. Never on the instigator, always on the player who retaliates when we all know those players won't back down from a cheap shot.

In the words of Romanowski...THAT PISSES ME OFF!!!

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it's over dude. let's move on...we got hosed. it sucks but dwelling on it won't change anything.
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