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Alternative name for the Redskins

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Originally posted by NinerGod:
Washington Generals

I can see this one. Can also see eagles fans calling them the genitals. Thumbs up
I'm an Ojibwe from the northern minnesota tribes ...I have been a diehard football fan since the 1970's ...and I for one hope they DONT change their name , if it aint broke , dont fix it natives that live ON the reservations, could care less about the team nicknames and mascots has NEVER been a problem for US ...but we notice the native americans that live in the urban areas are the first ones to cry foul over a team logo , it's never us, the ones that live on the reservations that keep our language and traditions going ...the "city indians" or "designer indians" as we call them ..are the idiots that get all dressed up in native regalia when ever they want their picture taken , or to take advantage of their race and flaunt their "nativeness" in front of the media .

Trust me , we dont make a big deal of it , as long as somebody doesnt "intentionally" disrespect my heritage ....go ahead and call them redskins , my uncle has been a redskins fan since forever, and nobody in my family has felt slighted due to a team mascot, it seems when ever the so called "native leaders" want some kind of attention , they protest something silly...dont get me wrong, I LOVE my people, but the attention seeking natives are a pain in the ass, and I'n not the only one that shares this opinion ...just my 2 cents

GO NINERS !!!!!!!!!!!
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The Washington Foreskins
Originally posted by boast:


The Washington Drones
The Washington Gridlocks
the Washington Scandalls.....
Originally posted by Wrathman:
The Washington Drones

Bullets. No, wait.
Originally posted by Wrathman:
The Washington Drones

Like that helmet.

Originally posted by boast:

Washington Predators or Washington Reapers
Originally posted by Niners99:
How is calling Native Americans "Redskins" any more racist than calling someone white or black? Obviously their skin isnt red. Nor is anyones skin literally white or black.

Their logo and name represent Native American pride. Anyone who complains about the name is an uptight whiner. Go find more important things to worry about.

Even the Cleveland Indians logo is just for fun. A cartoony white guy would be fine, but a cartoony native american guy is racist?

The previous owner of the Skins before Snyder once famously said "This team will always be called the Washington Redskins, even if i have to put a red potato on the helmets."

some are lol
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Originally posted by drake49er:
Originally posted by boast:

Washington Predators or Washington Reapers

someone finally got it.
Originally posted by m_brockalexander:
The Washington Sentinels

Shane Falco lives!

do this with that drone logo and we got something here
Washington Rubbernecks
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