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Williams Not Fined For Shoving Ref.

Originally posted by IdahoNiner:
i dont know why i torture myself with these threads. brings back too many memorys i would like to forget.

They are unforgettable, unfortunately. 5 yrds of BS, and 5-1 and to top it off, Harbaugh does not call a timeout and settle the team and get the play straight when the entire season, a world championship, and the historical linage of 49ers football going undefeated in this situation is on the line, in the last play of the game for the Niners..Too busy flipping out. See bro,, I can't forget, it gnaws on me all the time.

Every time this team comes up goal and short with a game on the line, this is all I am going to be thinking about, for some time..sighhh
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flappen BS, even after the SB. With all the viewing angles and time to process the sheet they come away with no repercussions. Yet Goldson will get fined for legit hits and they can find that one of our players were wearing socks that were too short or that balls shouldnt be thrown into the crowd after a TD. What a joke.
Unbelievable he got off without a fine or ejection. I'd be pissed if I was a ref. What kind of message does this send to them when this is tolerated.
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f**k them.
I'd really like to find Cary Williams and hit him with my car. Piece of f**king garbage.
You know, as much as this sucks, we still should have played better so that the game didn't come down to a few horrible calls or no-calls. Yes, those lack of penalties sucked and I'm positive that there was a league bias against us going into the game that wanted the Ravens to win, but let's not forget that we could have, and should have played better regardless.
f**king game was fixed, f**k the nfl
i knew we were gonna battle the refs aswell as the ravens after the first play of the game got called back, then the ed reed off side on 2 point that wasn't called, and all those players held when they took the safety was an absolute travesty, aswell as the famous hold on crabtree, f**k the refs and goodell.
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Anyone remember any of these being called? I don't. Love Goodell and Ray hugging it up at Indy a month earlier and a ref crew that had no business being at the Superbowl.
What a farce

From - "Mike Pereira, the Fox Sports rules czar and former NFL vice president of officiating, told's Peter King "it should have merited an ejection."

"I don't know what went through the head linesman's mind, but the fact is you've got to eject for contact," Pereira said.

Instead of being booted, Williams stayed in the game and didn't miss a snap on defense. The rules regarding contact with an official are partly in place to protect referees -- there's no wiggle room -- making this non-call all the more bizarre." (highlights added)

So how does this not even merit a post game fine? Answer: Because if the NFL fines the player they HAVE to admit to poor officiating in the Super Bowl. So instead of doing the right (read consistent) thing after the game is over they lose even more credibilty by trying to sweep it under the rug.

Every player who was ever fined for contact with an official should be lining up their lawyers to get their money back. Hopefully there is a good litigator/Niners fan out there who will offer to represent Justin Smith for free..... Now THAT would be some poetic justice!
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Unreal. So f**king unbelievable.
Originally posted by BobS:
As much as I thought bad calls even out and a lot of the Webzone was being sore losers, the fact Williams did not get tossed baffled me. It was pretty obvious he knew he was shoving a ref, and the ref knew who shoved him back 10 feet.

It doesn't matter if he knew he was shoving a ref, he may have had no clue, but that is no excuse for the two handed shove he gave to the ref. Justin Smith was ejected and fined for far less than that.

NFL is starting to be the NBA.....
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I remember when Goodell gave a hug to Lewis on the sideline and was thinking how weird that was. Goodell taking a page from David Sterns book.
they werent going to fine him. if this were week 8, they probably would. the play had come under some scrutiny and fining the guy would have admitted some wrong doing by the ref, so in typical nfl fashion they doubled down to support the non call.
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