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Williams Not Fined For Shoving Ref.

Originally posted by ninerfreak:
Didn't anyone here get the memo? the superbowl was a formality, it was decided Crazy Knife Ray Ray and his band of merry men were getting the Lombardi regardless of score...

It's called the NFL do what the NFL wanna do. And 10k fine for socks, but nothing for shoving a ref is laughable. I love hearing NFL responses. Like a bunch of idiots. But I'm over it, we got screwed, clearly screwed.

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not surprised. the nfl is rigged.
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As much as I thought bad calls even out and a lot of the Webzone was being sore losers, the fact Williams did not get tossed baffled me. It was pretty obvious he knew he was shoving a ref, and the ref knew who shoved him back 10 feet.
Forget the ref how about the half dozen kidney punches he threw while in the pile. It was caught on film but not replayed.
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Originally posted by Jason:
I wanna know if Vegas had anything to do with this. This was the most bet on SB in history and that's a lot to leave to chance.
If the money is close to balanced, Vegas does not care who wins,. I wish people who don't know anything about how gambling works would stop saying Vegas had something to do with the outcome. The spread is adjusted to balance the money.

And the BS continues. What's this say moving forward? Putting your hands on an official is now ok? What a joke.
f*ck Cary Williams that thug Piece
It makes sense guys, it wasn't flagged so why should he get fined? It's not like theres video of it or anything
Seriously this puts the NFL in the same category as the NBA. Sick of it all. Maybe I just need to quit sports altogether...
The two takes on this I read were that the NFL knows if there is no fine, then the story's dies, and with it the other stories concerning the two holds, etc.. goes away, and much faster. Makes perfect sense from Goodall's point of view. If you fine Williams and admit a blatant mistake was made then all the other non-call and Culliver's PI call are brought more into focus and the questioning does not go away.

Good job NFL on killing any controversy you surely do not want more light of day shined on..
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Justin Smith should sue the NFL for his fine and ejection against the Lions..... obviously its OK as long as you didn't know it was a ref.
Originally posted by Mookster:
Justin Smith should sue the NFL for his fine and ejection against the Lions..... obviously its OK as long as you didn't know it was a ref.

In the vids I've watched, Williams is looking straight at the ref when he shoves him. BTW Flassid was not HIT out of bounds, you can see as he goes out of bounds, I think it's PW(?), puts a hand on his shoulder and just kind of flicks it. Flaccid does a great job of flopping. No "hit" involved anywhere..
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That should've been a 50K fine, easy.

I hope Brady eats that defense alive next season.
I'd love to see Goldson full on tackle Boger and watch that whistle fly. F**king joke. I was really hoping for some of that poetic justice and the douche doesn't even get fined.
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i dont know why i torture myself with these threads. brings back too many memorys i would like to forget.
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