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2013 Pro Bowl Thread?

lol let's do it.
AP fumbles on the very first play of the game.
I hope the NFC will be alright without the niners help.
So great not seeing any 49ers out there. Practicing my drinking for next week!
Looks like they're actually playing hard this time
They seem to be playing harder for sure.
Much better so far
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Eric Stangel ‏@EricStangel

Drew Brees to Vincent Jackson- TD in #ProBowl. Fire AJ Smi- oh wait, forget it. #Chargers
They don't want to lose the sweet trip to Hawaii & all the free perks.
holy s**t jj watt's hand.
JJ Watt's hand bleeding
lol Watt just told the commish look at this hand.
Wow this actually looks like real football.
enjoying it a bit more than I expected...
Nice play by Patrick Peterson.

Too bad he's Crabs b***h