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Do you really think it's gonna be a close game?

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It shouldn't be a close game, but it likely will be. Too much at stake and guys like Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Suggs are the kind of players who can make the rest of the guys on their team play better than they ever have.

Niners will have to stay composed in the first 15 minutes and impose their will on defense. Niners have to do what they did against Atlanta - but they can't have lapses in the first quarter like they did in Georgia.

Ravens are an average run defense and we must make them look average.
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old timey N.W.A.
Great pic..

We have Al Smith as backup. Whom do the Ravens have? If the Ravens lose Flacco, they are in a world of hurt.

Anybody know why the Baltimore team are called the Ravens?
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Deja vu
I truely believed hat the 49ers would blow the Falcons out of the stadium. Never again. Its going to be a tough fought win! go 49ers!
They may be aging, but they only need to get up for one game now. Ray Lewis is going to let it all out for that game. Flacco is playing the best ball of his career. The one thing I think we can do is stop the run without blitzing. This means our safeties can play deep on play action pass plays and hopefully break up some of those long bombs they have been connecting on. I think it will be a close game but I think we will win. Just for fun, I predict 28-24 49ers win the superbowl. Anybody else want to try to predict the score?
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Ravens beat the Broncos and Patriots on the road to get to the big game, I am not taking them lightly.

I'm not taking them lightly either but the 49ers will be the fresher team making a blowout in the 49ers favor possible just for those reasons you specified.

I just want the team to put the SB hype outta their minds and focus on taking care of business. They can talk to all the media they want and be full of themselves after the game.
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Eddie D already said it, but what is obvious to me is the 49ers are playing against an old team. Flacco will be under pressure all game long and the Defense finally shows their true colors and might! I was really surprised Ahmad Brooks made key plays last game and this quiet guy will be the key player of winning it all again next weekend! Well, as for Bowman, Willis, and Aldon Smith, the media will be talking about them as the best four LBs on a team that played the Superbowl - these guys will shut down Flacco's pass game. Culliver will win the battle against Boldin. T-Brown will lock up Smith. it will still be exiting, but it will feel as if we are back in the 80's again my 49er friends.
I think you might be stretching a little bit. Our pass rush has weakened, Culliver and Brown got baked last week, and this "old" defense of the ravens are healthy and managed the defeat Manning and Brady in their own house.......
I predicted a 42-10 49er rout of the Ravens. Ill stick to that. Its nothing against John or the Ravens, I think they are a good team. But we are a great team. We win every matchup against them. It wont be close. Maybe early, or even at half it will be, but come the 3rd, this game is over. Cheers.
The Ravens are rightly respected. They beat Denver (who scored 14 points on returns, so the argument that it was all down to a long bomb is not really convincing) and New England (thoroughly) away. They're coached well and have confidence. This will be tough, as SBs generally are.
The big thing for the Ravens is that they are coached very well and have a coach that knows our head coach better than anyone.

One thing we are about is the element of surprise. I don't think we get that as much vs John.

However, so happy we have Boone instead of Chilo. I seriously think Boone or Iipati alone can take on Ngata.
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