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Jets willing to trade revis

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Originally posted by pdizo916:
We don't have the cap room to accommodate his salary. Plus, he is coming off major surgery. I wouldn't do it because there's a reason why the jets are getting rid of their best player.

I think it is a cap move to clear money to get a QB.
Originally posted by PhillyNiner:
Originally posted by valrod33:
Alex Smith Carlos Rogers and our 1st round draft pick for Darelle Revis and Tim Tebow. We then trade TIm Tebow and a 2nd round pick for Sebastian Jainkowski


Then we trade the Easter Bunny for Santa Clause and build the new stadium in Candy Land with the Lollypop Guild as
Thats not realistic at at all
Wouldn't do it. We've been successful without Revis. Dude is good, but s**t, that dude is such a distraction. He's held out like three times already!!
Sounds good initially. BUT there's a similar post in the Draft section and AB expelains the numbers clearly.

Also, he's coming off a bad injury and not everyone heals like Adrien Peterson.
I would LOVE to have him on our team

BUT ....he is too damn pricey , and would handcuff us and limit what we can do in regards to bringing in young talent...

I say trade down , trade our 1st and a couple of mid rounders to try and grab one of the top 3 CB's in the draft , you can NEVER have enough talented DB's on the team
Originally posted by titan:
Originally posted by IdahoNiner:
Originally posted by titan:
Alex Smith and Parys Haralson for Revis

Hell no. Haralson is so underrated around here it is not even funny. He was a huge reason for our run defense being as dominate as it was last season. He is the only real depth we have at the position and he as sorely missed this season, as aldon seemed to wear don toards the end of the season. A healthy Haralson makes a huge impact for this defense.

Dont want Rexis anyways. I would take what we can get as far as draft picks for AS.

Haralson is a backup Revis is a starter and probably the best in that position when healthy .

Recis is Overrated, and overpaid. And no, Haralson is not really a true backup. He probably would have split reps 50/50 this season if he was healthy.
He wants to be the highest paid defensive player. Even if that doesn't happen, I don't see how we could afford to keep him long term. The most we could do is find a way to take on his $6 mil cap hit in 2013 and then watch him walk in FA imo. Somebody much smarter than me (AB83?) is going to have to tell me what it would take to work his $6 mil into our cap, as well as what that would mean for own guys like Goldson.

If you assume we could get a 3rd round comp for watching him leave in FA (I don't even know enough to say if that's possible), than something like Alex & a 3rd this year would turn into Revis & a 3rd next year. I could see some variation of that scenario working from our perspective (maybe not theirs), but that's a short term focus - just win next year. I'm not sure management wants to go in that direction. Not when you consider what it could mean for our ability to keep our own guys longer term.
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one of the most over-rated players in the NFL. Good CB, but not elite
Mort just suggested on NFL 32 that the Niners might be one of the teams interested if the Jets trade Revis. Mort said it maid great sense for the niners plus they have the picks to pull it off.
Mort just said that the Niners might be the team to pull this off.

Sorry. Merge with jets shopping Revis thread
Did they say how we'd be able to afford him or if his asking price has gone down at least 50%? I'd like to make that trade in exchange for a player, draft pick or combo of the two, but coming back from injury + contract demands makes it unlikely.
Baalke doesn't go for the top FAs. He goes for the mid-level guys and has been successful doing so. I doubt that changes.
Don't have the cap room... a lot of important free agents coming up in the next 2-3 years.... often injured.... probably brings us unwanted media attention.... not as good as his rep. We would have the ammo it's just that we don't have the cap room. Probably could get him for Alex, 1, 2, 3, 3 and maybe a bit more. Still would rather have the 4 picks and the cap room to sign guys like Goldson, AD, Iupati, Justin, Kap, etc, etc
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The 49ers Have 14 Draft Picks in 2013. Here's a Darrelle Revis Trade That Could Work
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