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tim brown:bill callahan sabotaged the superbowl

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Marc Trestman may answer ?'s about Sabotage-gate but not just yet - #BearsTalk
Originally posted by English:
So Callahan throws the biggest game of his life to help out a friend?

No. Not credible. Mafia fix would have been credible. Al screws up, quite believable. Little green men from Mars betting on Tampa, maybe. This, come on!

I think people are stuck on the angle about him fixing it because Gruden was his boy. Tim only said that was a possibility and he does not for sure if that's true. I admit that Callahan getting a team all the way to he Super Bowl just to throw the game doess sound a bit out there to me.

However, I can believe that one can sabotage a game by scrapping the gameplan at the 11th hour.

I mean, why would Rice and Brown tell the same lie? People are saying Brown is just bitter because he doesn't have a ring but Rice has plenty.

So there's no reason (I can think of) for him lying about it too.
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This came up because the question was asked on the radio show that brown is on if what was happening with Crabtree could be a distraction. Then The oakland lineman got brought up, and Brown defended him a bit by bringing up the gameplan change.

He was talking about sabotage in the aspect of changing the gameplan last minute. Not as in he purposely wanted them to lose to Gruden. He was in over his head, simple as that.

Doesnt matter regardless. That bucs Defense would have beat them regardless of the game change, and Gruden knew Gannons tendancies, and showed the defense how to exploit them.

Its a non story that got blown way out of proportion.
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Lincoln Kennedy says it wasn't sabotage, merely horrible coaching

"I see his point. (But) I don't think things fell all the way he's kind of painting it," Kennedy told USA TODAY Sports in a phone interview"
Originally posted by StOnEy333:
Originally posted by InconvenienTTruth21:
ProFootballTalk @ProFootballTalk
2002 Raiders coaches will be asked about Tim Brown's accusations, including a first-year assistant named Jim Harbaugh



Good luck getting an answer out of him about that week

What I DID find interesting though, was the press in New Orelans last night asked him if he had been to the SB before,

He replied "yeah, a couple of times, as a fan."

Unless he had one of those lowly jobs in OAK where he didn't get to travel, I think he's dodging it already.
Best part of that Super Bowl

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