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How DARE you put ANY Cowboy rings up there

Awesome thread though...although I love the 1994 ring, the "Team of the 80's" 1988 ring is BADASS!!!!!!!
Most eye popping

I've held the first two rings.
LOL at the Ravens, the eye is about to pop out.
Originally posted by KEGster:
Most eye popping

I really like the steelers 6th one too
Bucs 2002 looks super old and plain.
The raven's ring is so ugly!

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worst one IMO

Here's the only rings the Ravens will get after the Super Bowl:

(available now, on Adam&eve dot com)
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Originally posted by mattster03:
The raven's ring is so ugly!

I just realized that Broncos II, St. Louis, Baltimore, and New England I are all practically the same ring
i think the niners strategy was to make the other teams go broke. they had the most extravagant rings in the beginning then everyone followed
Yeah, that ravens rings is hideous. lol
Originally posted by Garcia:
worst one IMO

For 1980's+ I agree. That's pathetic
Not sure if Joe's hands are bigger

or Bill's rings are bigger

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