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What a Sad Case

Addiction and BAD character personified. Hope he likes cell block 9 with the realBAD people.
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I wonder if he has any money left over???
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i am guessing no
At least he'll have a warm bed and three square meals a day. Many addicts don't get as much and are homeless. Not sure how much he got paid in his brief career, but, as a #2, it should have been enough to make him comfortable for life. Too bad.
Damn he makes Russell look like a star qb
Originally posted by jrg:


Wow I no longer feel compelled to reflect on his professional career. This is such a train wreck and with no sign of recovery. I know he's greatful waking up in the morning but surely he must hate his life! A finished product as a human being sadly. My advice to him: Watch the game this Sunday!! MY NINERS 'BOUT TO CONQUER SB NUMBER 6 FOO!!

SMH. Guy who could have had everything self destructs and flushes it all down the crapper. I used to despise him but now I can only feel sorry for a guy who just can't deal with life. Hopefully one day he will look at himself in a mirror and start to get his life back together.
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