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Speculation about Browns FAs Joining 49ers

Speculation about Dawson joining Brad Seely. Also Cribbs is a FA.
dont see us being a player in the free agent market for a guy like cribbs
TBH I think I'd rather draft a young stud kicker coming out of college with one of our many draft picks. I kinda hope we learned our lesson about signing aging kickers in their unpredictability from one year to the next (see David Akers). Perhaps we could sign Dawson to a small contract and see how it works out as he has been solid throughout his career but then it begs a question why not start over with a young kicker and try to get away from having to evaluate the position on a yearly basis.

As far as Cribbs go, I think his best days are coming to a twilight as well with him getting a bit older however, I do think he's an upgrade to Ginn and is still capable of taking one to the house. He also would add a little more to the receiving core than Ginn so I would be okay exploring our options with him, depending on how much money he is looking for.
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The Akers signing was one of te bestin the NFL. But that was last year.

Like everything else - it boils down to $$$.

We tend to be bargin shoppers in FA so whoever we sign won't be for major bucks.

Cribbs - his best days are behind him.
I been saying I want Dawson for MONTHS! I would be super stoked!
we cant afford much in free agency we are up against the cap and still need to re-sign Goldson.
Originally posted by susweel:
we cant afford much in free agency we are up against the cap and still need to re-sign Goldson.

49ers can create about $20 mil in cap space by trading/releasing Alex, waiving Haralson and a few other players. Also, Goldson's cap number is relatively high already, its not like a new deal would double his existing amount, might add 3-4 mil to it. They'll have some cap space to work with but getting into long-term, high-priced deals is out of the question, 2015 is going to be brutal in regards to re-signing players.
Phil Dawson has been the Browns kicker since they started in 1999. he also looks like a high ranking 1950's Air Force officer. True facts.

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