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2 hours till 49ers/Packers.
Originally posted by Muggins:
Originally posted by 9erfanAUS:
Originally posted by pdizo916:
wow, these refs are epically bad.

yeah, not sure how you signal first down without measuring.

They measured during commercial. 1st down

Prior to the commercial they called 1st down. To their credit they did go back and measure though.
The kicker mojo has left prater and gone to rest on akers
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Td coming up
Wow, what a catch!
Rice-esque catch by Tory Smith WOW
10 point swing
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Bailey sucks big dong. One of my least favorite NFL players.
Man if the ravens can just slow down Peyton some and have Flacco heave a couple more prayers one or two are bound to be TD's with Torrey out there leaping around
Smith is owning Bailey today

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