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Adrian Peterson wants 2,500 yards rushing

he wont get more next year, just cuz he said it...frank wanted 2000..cj2k wanted money.. they never get what they want..just play the game and dont draw so much attention to yourself..unless youre joe nam and wearing a fur coat thats cool.. draw attention by anything but your mouth
Obviously he has it in him to break the record...but I think 2500 is just not attainable. There just isnt enough time to get it done. You would have to average north of 150 yards a game.
No way he'll see 2500 yards. He's the best there is no doubt, but that is just ridiculous. If by some miracle he gets close to that it would mean he carried the rock WAY too much and that his team is complete garbage outside of his offensive line.
Back to back 2,000 yard seasons is not going to happen. AP is great, but had Harvin not gotten hurt, I am not sure he even gets much more than 1,800. Harvin played in first 9 games where AP had 957 yards. In the final 7 games, he had 1,150. I remember when Dickerson broke that record and he was literally all the Rams had along with that good offensive line. Minnesota has a few weapons that if healthy will take away from the necessary carries he would need to get 2,000 again, let alone 2,500.
peterson is smoking crack. he couldnt even beat the all the time rushing record just above 2100. now he wants 2500??? a team cant survive on rushing the ball that many times...they have to air it out alot more in this league. i think it is a little selfish for him because that is pretty much saying he wants like 30 carries a game and wants to be the whole offense. If vikings want to be a SB contender they have to get ponder more weapons at WR and open up the playbook

i like peterson...i really do and i wanted him to break the record cause dickerson was a little b*tch saying he didnt want his record broken.But....this guy is a little too optimistic. i think ponder will get better next year when harvin comes back, jarius wright is more experienced, and when they get another stud at WR through the draft or FA. plus rudolph is a beast
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Yeah? I want 100 million dollars
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