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Bills targeting QB Alex Smith?

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Alex smith is exactly the type of qb that beats us. An efficient reliable game manager who doesn't turn the ball over. That's the niners kryptonite the last couple years.

Are you saying we lost to other Alex like QBs?

Bc Eli Manning is not the same type of QB

Eli did not torch us in the championship game. we lost because we couldn't capitalize on his mistakes. Flacco, Bradford, ponder beat us. We seem to do just fine against elite qbs.

I dont think thats a function of style though...I think its just indicative of this teams tendancy to play down to lesser threats. That tendancy and our lack of depth are the two biggest things that stand in our way on the road to the super bowl in my opinion. The let downs through the year against weaker teams didnt really cost us too much, but we could have had home field against everyone if we had stayed tough against the Vikes and Rams. Then when you look at how we finished the season slow, and read up on the stats for how many snaps our starters have over the rest of the really start to worry.

In the off season I really hope they address "next man up" at a lot of different positions. We are wearing our starters down with the way we do things, and I would put our starters when fresh against any team, and where.
I agree with those who think buffalo or KC or who knows who else (Jax) will not wait for alex's contract to expire and risk not getting him. NO QBs rated in entire first rd of draft and there are 6, maybe 8 teams that have to have a very good QB. I think it highly unlikely a deal doesn't get done before alex goes free. This yrs draft is exceptionally good news for us and alex's value to us in a trade. I just don't believe someone QB starved is going to "hope" they get alex. That somebody is going to want to be sure they get yeah, we will make a trade or one of the top 8 rated qbs in the league for a nice pick of early round . That plus our boatload of picks is going to make this a great yr for drafting. No LUcks, RG3s, nor wilsons coming out.
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