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Ray Lewis to retire after playoffs

Ray Lewis is not a 49ers, but he is one hell of a football player and one hell of a leader. I am going to miss this.

I wanna see Ray Lewis in the Super Bowl because I want to see his dance on the big stage one more time....hopefully before he gets smashed by our 49ers.
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I love me some Ray Lewis but if we lose to them in teh SB , I will be beyond pist.
Too bad he will retire with only one ring.
Originally posted by 49erfeeeever808:
whatever you think of Lewis off the field, he's one of the best leaders ever to play the game.

i take this statement back.
f**k this b***h
Originally posted by gold49digger:
Too bad he will retire with only one ring.
One earned ring anyway.
I hope this piece of s**t burns in hell, he's gotta be kidding himself if he thinks God is gonna let him walk past the pearly gates; narcissistic killer misrepresenting his Lord and savior.

Motherf**ker sold his soul to the devil, knows why he needed to go out on top.
Go in peace my child aaaaannnnnnnd good riddance! LOL
Good riddance.
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Ray Lewis' decline was sharp. In 2011 he was our 4th graded ILB overall. 2012 he was 33rd with only 1 positive grade (opening day)

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