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***NFL Wild Card Playoff Weekend Thread***

Originally posted by HudsonValley:

Looks like a lost puppy out there.
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Webb is making some dumb decisions
Green Bay has this game. Webb is a straight tard behind center. Doesn't look good at all throwing the ball. Get ready for the Pack!!!
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Wow, thanks Minnesota for making a RB your backup QB
This game is over Minnesota won't score with Webb unable to throw
Webb is in the wrong place at the wrong time. Defense will have to come up big time.
It doesn't look like the Vikings offense is going to accomplish much tonight.
same play over and over
vikings defense is trash

The vikes need to put in their 3rd string QB.

We will also see a lot of no huddle. We need to be prepared for that.
What did you expect? Webb - 0 starts in two years
We're there Viking fans wanting Webb over Ponder?
Jared Allen finally gets one!
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I think Rodgers is the best QB in the game but his one flaw is he takes a lot of coverage sacks.
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