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*** WEEK 17 NFL GAMEDAY THREAD 12/30 *** (RIP 2012 Season)

vikings remind me of us

not as good on D, but same kinda strategy
Come on Vikings you can do it!!!!
YES vikings sack!
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f**king jordy nelson man
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oh f**k
Who has the ball?
COME ON VIKES, Get a damn first for the 49ers sake man! s**t for your own damn playoff hopes, and then kill some clock down the field to get a FG with no time left, thats all i want for x mas, K thx bye
OMG Seattle didnt win the division?

I thought they did that last week, or at least, thats what everyone made it seem like

AP is the freaking man.
Justin, you rest that arm buddy!
How did they win? Wtf yes!
Sunday night football it's gonna be way more exciting now that it's win or go home for both the redskins and cowboys

And I'm happy the giants get to sit home!!!!!
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