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Most important game this season?

Most important game this season?

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Last year it seemed to be the game in Philly that rallied this team and catapulted this team into the playoffs.

What game this year rallied this team or made a statement the most?

To me it was the Packers. The team everyone thought we could never beat because of their powerful offense. The Patriots were suppose to beat us after putting up 40-50 points three weeks in a row.

What game do you think it was & why?
If we go on to win the super bowl Id vote for the Patriots game.
If lose in the playoffs I will vote the Rams game where Alex got concussed
For now its the Pats game. Nobody gave us a chance and it was the offense bailing the defense out for once (with help from special teams obviously).

Seattle's going to be a physical game and we lost some guys playing there late last year. Let's see if we come out of there healthy this time.
the next one.
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