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If Tebow came to the Niners...

People talk about trading Smith, the Jets are an obvious possible destination and Tebow would be offered as part of the deal. If this happened, what would be Tebow's role here? Looking forward to the entertaining answers sure to come...
Oh hell no
Then we'd have a 4th string QB
No need for another FB, Miller is getting the job done
Originally posted by cwilson830:
Then we'd have a 4th string QB

and a backup FB
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I think Tebow wants at lest a chance to start... He wouldn't get that here... While I think Harbaugh's coaching would be invaluable for him, I wouldn't want Tebow mania anywhere near this team...
We're set on Special teams
He brings to many kooks to the table. 49ers would be good for him he would not for us. At least here he could come out of the closet without fear from the religous quack here.
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I think he would be okay as a 3rd string QB. Package Alex for him and maybe a draft pick or some other player and it would be a possibility. The big thing though would be the incentive. Trading Alex for Tebow would be pointless for us.

The FO isn't dumb enough to allow Tebow to become part of any trade discussion.
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Solid character guy BUT not for us.
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