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What would you do with these QB's?

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Joe Flacco

Matt Stafford

Josh Freeman

Philip Rivers

Jay Cutler

Flacco, Stafford and Freeman are young QB that looked like game changers but have regressed.

Rivers & Cutler were top QB's but are in the prime of there careers now and are on the tipping point of falling apart (Rivers is much closer to that then Cutler)

These are super talented QB's, i am not looking at bad QB's aka Mark Sanchez, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Christian Ponder, Sam Bradford or Blaine Gabbert. But Flacco was looked at as a max contact QB and now there are questions if they should even resign him. Stafford threw for 41 TD's last year and now has 17 TD' and 15 INT's. Freeman was 10-6 in his 2nd year with 25 TD's and 5 Int's and in his last two years he has a record of 10-19 with 41 TD's and 34 INT's and this year has a 54% completion percentage. Will coaching changes help Flacco (new OC next year), Stafford, Rivers and Cutler (offensive minded HC)? Or are QB's that can win a Superbowl rare and they just will never cut it? Do you think Tony Romo and Matt Schaub should be on this list?
Flush Flacco - Alex is WAYYYY better than him.

Stafford and Cutler are VERY good - they both suffer greatly from a lack of an OLine. If they gat adequate protection they can pick a D apart.

If Rivers went to the Ravens - they'd be much better off. He can flat out play - he suffers from Crap coaching AND we know very well what that's all about. Heck, if he went to KC and they picked up a real coach they'd be VERY competitive. He'd be a good fit in Minn.

Freeman is way over-rated, IMO, never cared for him. Thumbs down - send him to the Jets.

Romo is a real puzzle - his line is very hot & cold. The war is won in the trenches.

Schaub is solid in all respects - not great and definitely not bad. Tough call.
Flacco is better than Smith.

I also think Freeman's pretty good as well.
Great post. I'm probably going to err in favor of these guys from the standpoint of their teams not dumping them, but I don't think they are or are ever going to be truly elite QBs either. (Sidenote: for those with INsider, this article on best and worst QB values shaped some of my thinking in terms of how you build around a QB:

Let's face it, not everyone can have Rodgers, Peyton, Eli, Brady, Brees, or Roethlisberger (monopolizers of the last nine Lombardis). But are we really certain these guys are going to monopolize the next nine? Or even the next, say, three? Nahhh.

The Niners and, increasingly, the Seahawks are considered legitimate contenders. The Texans and Falcons are considered "complete" enough to make a title run, if even perhaps a bit soft and/or overrated.

I guess what I'm saying is you don't dump a guy like Cutler, Stafford, or Flacco simply because they have consistency problems and they're not Rodgers/Manning/Brady. There's no doubt in my mind they are "good enough" to win the big one if by good enough we mean good enough with a well-rounded team by their side. The next era of the NFL is going to be more about building those well-rounded teams, which makes it fun to be a Niner fan because we are ahead of the curve. Cutler, Stafford, and Flacco--more so than a guy like Alex Smith, who I like a lot--are still guys that, if they're your QB, you believe they can do things like lead a 21-point comeback or just flat-out dominate games if they get hot at the right time.

I think Freeman is the most enigmatic of your group, and I think for whatever reason, Rivers is simply toast at this point. I think Romo and Schaub go in the Cutler/Stafford/Flacco group.

For the record, I 100% think you can win a title with Alex Smith and a well-rounded team also. But he's so much steadier and consistent than these other guys that it's hard to categorize him. Definitely not as explosive or "scary" to opposing teams.
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Texans might need to look in a new direction at QB. Matt Schaub is clearly not the answer.
Texans and Ravens swap QB's
saw on the news about a week ago, the bucs are not going to extend freeman like they planned to, they are going to wait until after next season
Joe Flacco
even though he's nothing special, i'd at least consider the franchise tag (not sure who their other FA's are tough....) his agents are going to ask for a huge contract, but a contract similar to what Alex got last off-season would be fair. if they can get something like that then keep him.

Matt Stafford
Keep him. lose Schartz

Josh Freeman
let him walk.

Philip Rivers
Keep him. and give him people to throw to.

Jay Cutler
the Bears need to get out of 1985 and catch up to modern football. Fix the OL and hire the right coach. Devin Hester needs to stop whining, Lovie wasn't that good.
Flacco - Too inconsistent. Would Franchise though due to lack of other options this year. Depends on who gets cut from other teams really. Ray Rice is the strength of that team.

Stafford - Keep him. Get him an O-Line & RB. Get rid of the guys who are giving up huge penalties every game. Schwartz needs to go.

Freeman - Low ball offer. Let him walk if need be.

Rivers - Can't carry the offense. Needs reliable run game and some fresh receivers. Might be a good time to start over for the Chargers while Manning is around for the Broncos.

Cutler - Same as Stafford really except they already have the running game. A new coach could do wonders but I'm sure they'll f*ck it up.

Romo - Who cares. That team is going no where with Garrett in charge.. I couldn't be more pleased.

Schaub - Got extension early in the season I think. Poor Texans wasting their window of opportunity.
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Joe Flacco has played five full seasons in the NFL, and in each one, he has thrown for fewer than 4,000 yards and completed less than 64 percent of his throws. He has never been sacked fewer than 30 times, and he has never thrown more than 25 touchdowns. Flacco turns 28 tomorrow. He'll be a free agent once the season ends, and we've seen enough of him to know that he'll never be "the best," like he said he was, or an "elite," "top-five guy,", like his agent said he was. However he finishes these playoffs, and wherever he plays next year, he will remain Joe Flacco, big-armed oaf.

But it's Flacco who's the only quarterback left standing from the wild card round. Matt Schaub, reliable veteran; Russell Wilson, superlative rookie; and Aaron Rodgers, elite champion, have all packed it in. Andrew Luck and Peyton Manning, two generations' ideal quarterbacks, both exited while Flacco prevailed. He has the playoffs' best passer rating. So he must be doing something right.

Flacco has done exactly one thing right—he's thrown the ball deep. You'll recall the end-of-regulation desperation heave to Jacoby Jones, the 70-yard touchdown that hoisted the Ravens into overtime. You'll likely also recall the 59-yard bomb to Torrey Smith, the throw that answered Trindon Holliday's first return touchdown. Those weren't one-off aberrations. This is what Joe Flacco does, and he does it well enough to take Baltimore to the brink of an AFC title

Flacco averaged an eye-popping 18.4 yards per completion on Saturday, and it wasn't skewed all that much by those two plays. (Against Indianapolis, for example, he had a similarly charmed outing: 23.5 yards per completion, without a pass over 50 yards.) His afternoon featured the whole deep-passing spectrum, good and bad.......

.......The Ravens' offense against Denver looked a lot like a Madden attack. There was little rhythm, none of Denver's incremental assault or repeated 10-yard passes. Baltimore was calling bombs. This appears to be the same offense they ran to get Cam Cameron fired, only with a few more Ray Rice dives for two yards. Per Pro Football Focus, Flacco targeted a receiver 20 yards or more downfield on 17.3 percent of his attempts this year, tops in the league.

But bombs are what you need when you have Joe Flacco—his cannon is his best trait. In 2012, he ranked 33rd out of 38 qualified starters in Pro Football Focus's accuracy percentage stat, for all passes. But for deep throws, targeted 20 yards or more downfield, he ranked 18th out of 33 in accuracy. And the throws he completed got him plenty of results: He had 1100 yards on 92 attempts—good for fourth-best in the league—with 11 touchdowns and zero interceptions. The interception-free slate says more about Flacco's receivers, and his luck, than it does about his arm, but downfield interceptions don't generally don't kill an offense either way. If your receiver loses his mid-air battle, and the defender intercepts the pass, it functions as a so-so punt. If your receiver wins his battle, he snags a big yardage chunk. And if the fight is a stalemate, your receiver might wind up with plenty of penalty yardage. It's usually a good idea to go deep......

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