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Approve or disapprove of Rick Riley?

Approve or disapprove of Rick Riley?

Sorry for the long poll...

But I seriously HATE Rick Riley.

He is obnoxious, reminds me of Bob Costas ....

Steve and Trent clearly hate him on MNF, they think he asks the most absurd questions (even tho i know they are fed to him by the network)
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I'm a huge Notre Dame fan so I can't stand the dude.

Used to find him annoying for some reason.

After reading his features on ESPN I have to hand it to him. Don't always agree with him but he is a very good writer.
Huge douche. Very arrogant.
He should be flushed with my last dump.
It used to be easy avoiding his articles in the back of magazines. Not so easy avoiding him on tv unfortunately.
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