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*** WEEK 13 NFL GAMEDAY THREAD 11/29 - 12/3 ***

Originally posted by mayo49:
Atlanta must go down and they must go down hard. I want the #1 seed.

Wish somebody put a stat out there on how often each seed made it to the super bowl. Haven't a lot of the #1's been knocked off recently? Same with the 2's... seems like the hot wildcard team has been doing the best lately.

Just went year by year on wiki (nfc only): 4 Giants, 6 Packers, 1 Saints, 4 Cardinals, 5 Giants, 1 Chicago, 1 Seattle, 1 Philly, 3 Carolina, 2 TB, 1 St Louis, 1 Giants

So since 2000 a lot of #1s going to the Super Bowl from the NFC but recently the odds aren't as good. Seems like it's more about the team that gets hot at the right time.
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Who wins tonight?

I got my money on New Orleans.

At least I hope so. I got drew brees on my fantasy team and need him carrying this team towards a playoff spot (and hopefully just coming up short bc f**k the saints ) and hopefully he throws 20 TDs in the process
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Lets go Saints!!!!
Originally posted by Chief:
Lets go Saints!!!!

this, #1 seed is in reach!!!!!!!!
Go Aints.
The Saints are the 49ers' b***hes. They know it, and we know it.

Gonna hate cheering for the aints, but the Niners need the Falcons to drop a few games.
Stupid ass celo song.
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Cool story Alex
Saints derp defense
am i the only one who really hopes we play atlanta in the playoffs? we would KILL them. Turner would get rocked that Oline is shaky at best, and that defense would get picked apart.

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nice d saints.
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Wow the Flacons just steamrolled the Saints on the first drive. That was horrific defense.
Well I was rooting for the Saints to knock down the Falcons to help us but clearly their defense is still nowhere to be found lol. oh well.
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lol Flacons. Even if Gire
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