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Which Kicker would you be interested to replace Akers? THIS YEAR!

Originally posted by NC49erfan82:
Akers has been very untrustworthy this season after starting off week 1 strong. This year he has shanked quite a handful and had two FG's blocked. Here is a list of who could be trustworthy. You can not got in to the playoffs with a kicker as cold as Akers. Ryan Longwell has my vote along with John Kasey. Either way I believe we should bring someone in to work out. Hey what do I know or can do... I am just a fan.

1. Nate Kaeding
2. Ryan Longwell
3. John Kasay
4. Billy Cundiff
5. Josh Brown
6. Neil Rackers
7. Olindo Mare
8. Dave Rayner
9. David Buehler
10. Justin Medlock

as bad as akers has been this year. i think i'd still take him over these guys...............
Bring back Nedney for the rest of the year and draft the best guy out there. We have plenty of later round picks and can afford to spend one on a reliable kicker. Hopefully someone that's used to kicking in the wind!
None of the above!! Akers is will rebound
Man this is frustrating compared to last year

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Bring back Mike Cofer.
As I was saying?
what are we going to do?
Anybody at all. No more Akers. He will kill us in the playoffs.

He has to go... At least bring some more kickers in to see
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Rackers was a beast and is still only 36 years old. He was good last season and had no injury or off field incident that I'm aware of, so I'm mystified as to why we haven't even given him a tryout.
Would rather have Ray Finkle
Nate Kaeding has a history of choking in the playoffs................ just saying.
Why is Josh Brown a Free Agent? I thought that dude was good.

Lets pick him up
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