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Were NFL players better Role Models back in the day??

no, you just didn't hear about all the s**t they did.
no i think that they were as s**tty then as they are now. why do i say this because walter payton was fabled as a god and awesome person. the recently released biography shows that he cheated on his wife repeatedly. the reason we know about more s**t now is the explosion of media. just remember that these players r the jocks in high school n college that have always been given whatever they want and have not been said no to. they r every bit the asses 75 years ago as they are today. that is a generalization ofcourse as there are a lot of players who are actually good people. but if ur talking media portrayal and outward image are what they are. i thought steve mcnair was a good dude, til the crazy b***h he cheated on his wife with killed him. u dont hear about a lot of s**t while they r playing cause media is loving on them. look at how many people michael jordan cheated on his wife with and his HOF speech. he is my fav b-ball player by a light year but a jack ass as a person.

I think back in the day when the pay wasn't that good and players needed a job in the off season. Big money does terrible things to men.
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Back in the day:

- No Media
- No Twitter/Facebook
- No TMZ style coverage of sports around the clock
- No Internet
- Reality TV was non-existant


- Around the clock media coverage (ESPN, Fox Sports, NBC, Pro Football Talk, etc)
- More conduits of communication for athletes to public with no PR screening
- Society is much more voyeuristic vs. 20 years ago.
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Say what you want about him... Tim Teebow. I agree he is highly over rated but what better role model could you ask for if you had a child that needed someone to look up to. I think Tony Gonzales is another honorable name. Charles Tillman, Warrick Dunn, and actually Vernon Davis are other great guys that do stuff for people and charities.

A religious fanatic is not a good role model.
twitter makes everyone dumber
Im pretty sure that players back in the day were more meaner and gritty. this generation is just full of drama queens
They are normal people that have amazing physical talents.

Pro athletes don't get payed to be role models.

It's a parents job to show there kids right from wrong. Not some people you watch on T.V.
Work ethic.....

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