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Mike Ditka Suffers Stroke

Hope he has a quick recovery.
I remember him as a player.

He was the standard for all the TE's that came after him.

He's 73 and seems to still be in good shape.

Get well Mike!
  • BobS
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Get well Mike. I always liked your straight forward personality.
Not Iron Mike! Get well soon man
RIP my dick
The same week Harbros. gets some heart problems?


Get well even though your 85 team came just short of being the best team evar.
So he won't be on Monday night countdown this week?
  • Paul
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dude has had some great health in recent years... I hope he gets well soon

Footage of the stroke:

Originally posted by Dr_Bill_Walsh:
Footage of the stroke:

lol cold yet forever legendary.

Bakers dozen, Bob.
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