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Who is the most valuable Niner?

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OK to switch up the conversation a bit.....Two questions..
A) If you were starting a franchise and could pick any Niner (consider everything -age,off field, etc)give me your top 5
My picks:
1) Aldon Smith
2) Patrick Willis
3) Vernon Davis
4) Navarro Bowman
5) Anthony Davis

B) If you could add any 2 non QB players to the Niners current roster. Again, consider age/contract. The catch is this,you have to give up the Niner that currently holds that roster spot (ex taking a teams best WR would cost Crabtree)

1) #2 WR w/ the Falcons #2..Manningham for Julio Jones
2) starting LT w/ the Browns...Staley for Joe Thomas
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Pretty clear.
Tough call.

As to Q 1 - If starting a franchise "age" is a HUGE factor.

1). Aldon - High caliber player and very young.
2). ADavis - War is won in trenches, he's getting better every game and very young
3). Bowman - Younger than Willis, performance just about equal
4). Iupati - See ADavis
5). Boone - OLine trenches says it all

As to Q 2 - add any two non QB players, considering age and give up a player currently holding similar position.

1). DE - J.J. Watt for Ray Mac
2). QB - Luck for Alex
Frank Gore
Sadly, it's Alex Smith. This team lives and dies by his performance each week. The rest of the team had enough depth to keep on keepin on.
We can say Willis, Bowman or any of the (defensive)Smiths but Alex is the most important player when we lost him last week the team lost the momentum they had when they scored that Crabtree touchdown. They looked even more out of sync, his worth was proven after he was out, Kap may have a good future but right now he's not ready, Alex right now is the offenses undisputed leader.
Alex, we need a dependable backup
Garrett Celek, and it's not close.
Originally posted by Garcia:

Pretty clear.

Originally posted by 16to87:
Alex, we need a dependable backup

Looks like the jury is still out on that.

Edit: Most valuable niner is easily Jim Harbaugh.
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Coach H.

Bring back Kevin f*gan
Why did it edit his name that was his name smh
Swain, nuff said
1) Aldon Smith
2) Kap
3) Anthony Davis
4) Mike Iupati
5) Bowman

To me these are the 5 guys in order of value if I was starting a franchise for Niners

As for part B.. adding 2 Non-QBs to replace currnet Niners:
1) JJ Watt for McDonald
2) AJ Green for Manningham
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chilo rachel for most valuable x niner
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