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*** WEEK 11 NFL GAMEDAY THREAD 11/15 - 11/19 ***

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Once again no one at the Carolina game...
Originally posted by Jcool:
Once again no one at the Carolina game...

I was checking that as well ... their stadium, looked like a Ghost Town.
cmon td to foster
Vincent Jackson Nice catch
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LOL, Raiders losing already.
Saints up on the Raiders 7/Zip ...
andrew luck is very good, can't believe this guy is a rookie
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53 is the mike

53 comes unblocked
Houston kicked a 25yd FG, to put the score at 37/34 ...
atlanta pisses me off for some reason, i think its just cause they getting higher seed than us , but they are barley winning against weak teams.

Martin, ripping Carolina in OT on 2 big runs ...
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Manning's sure love to throw INTs
Browns gonna brown
should be a fumble on miles austin!!!!!!
Panthers Win

Buccaneers Win
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