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Rams use 2 fake punts to tie 49ers - Desperation fluke or Sign of evolving NFL?

Rams use 2 fake punts to tie 49ers - Desperation fluke or Sign of evolving NFL?

Originally posted by Marsh:
There is no reason to leave the gunners unguarded

this it made me so mad to rush to block the punter
It's just Jeff Fisher coaching like a boss. Big game, on the road, take chances. Hey, they didn't lose.
It's a fluke. The fake punt works when there is the element of surprise. It can never be used regularly because it is easily defended if prepared for.

The Rams caught us twice in this game. I guarantee you we will be prepared for it, and they won't even try it next time.
I think it more of Madden. I use to switch Michael Vick to 2nd string so he could be the holder on kicks. Snap the ball on fakes all the time with him. And in the madden world its common to go for it on 4th down. maybe thats trickled its way into the game.
more like a team with nothing to lose doing the

inconceivable! If that punter incompletes that pass at their 3 yard line, this game is over.
Originally posted by Ninerjohn:
The first fake punt was idiotic. They pulled it off but it was a stupid play. The 2nd one was a good call for a team that was trying everything it could to pull out a win in the end. Niners should have been more prepared for it.

as soon as they saw the gunner go in motion and weren't ready for it... CALL F**KING TIME OUT... instead whomever was blocking the gunner decided to freak out and point instead, not just on him the coaches could have called time out too
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