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How will the Falcons end the 2012 season?

The losses are coming for these one dimension fools.

What do you guys think is in store for the Falcons now that they are talking about going undefeated? Do they sweep their division and steamroll into the playoffs? Home field throughout playoffs?, or let us know where their losses are going to come from.

They end up no better than 13-3 with losses to Tampa in Tampa, NYG, and to the Saints today(11-11). First round exit also is in their future.
Dallas almost beat them. Are they going to face a tough opponent at all this year?
other than saints and NYG the dont play an remotely difficult teams

16-0 is possible for them
Free playoff pass for Tony Gonzalez eh NFL?
One and done like always.
Lose their first game in the playoffs.
This Falcons vs Saints game is going to be a BARN BURNER. Already 10-7 with 4 minutes left in the first quarter
If they're lucky enough to make it that far, they'll be shredded at the hands of Colin Kaepernick.
Watching the superbowl at home

with a first round loss
Originally posted by NC49erfan82:

this was the exact record I gave them. Sadly I think they will take the 2nd seed, we'll take the 3rd and Green Bay will take first.
In a burning pile of rubble when they go one and done in the playoffs again.
One and done against the Giants in the divisional.
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