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how strong are the.colts?

Super bowl contenders?

I wouldn't be surprised.
Superbowl contenders??? LOL no.
playoff contenders
Colts will finis 8 - 8 tops.
9 to 10 wins, 1 and done in the playoffs.

I think they have a pretty good chance at making the playoffs. Week 17 they should get to play against Houston's backups and that will be a nice break for them.
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if they make the pleayoffs, even in the weak AFC, they'd be out in one game.
If they make it to the playoffs one and done. However, Luck will be in contention for years to come.
Luck will need a Reggie when Reggie hangs up the helmet. I dont know whats happening to his Stanford TE in Fleener but he having a harder time getting use to a new system. SB contender? They might be in the playoffs but I feel any team they face there will be able to beat them.
No.... one and done if they even make the playoffs
How strong? CHUCKstrong

Colts are pretty darn good. I say playoff berth but loss in first round.

I actually had them as my darkhorse team this year. Just seemed like even though they overhauled, they made the right moves and would contend in a weak AFC.
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Of the 12 teams that make the playoffs, the Colts would be the 12th best team. In the 10-11 season the 7-9 Seahawks were the 17th best team out of 12 and they won a game so anything is possible.
Will be one and done in the playoffs like the Falcons.
Against the Jags? Strong
Against playoff teams? Not a contender
Originally posted by ninerfan4life:
Will be one and done in the playoffs like the Falcons.

You guys underrate the Falcons. They're not the Packers last year. They play defense, and they won't be playing pass happy football in a cold weather environment.

Then again they could play the Packers and be 1 and done. There's a reason why wild cards have won the Super Bowl 3/4 years now. There's just not big differences anymore.
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