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Will the Falcons finish the regular season undefeated?

Will the Falcons finish the regular season undefeated?

I could see them going 13-0 before losing. That's as far I'm going to push it.

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they will finish 13-3
I got them losing this week
Man while I'm all worried about the Giants in the playoffs, the Superbowl might go through Atlanta this year.
Originally posted by DaDivaRecieva15:
I got them losing this week

Boom! We have 100% of the vote right now. Democracy!!
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Originally posted by WookieOftheYear:
they will finish 13-3

That is where I am at 13-3. The only good team they beat was the Broncos, they squeaked by the Panthers by 2 and the Raiders by 3. I have to say they are the least impressive 8-0 team I have seen. Their schedule gets a lot tougher in the second half of the season. Saints are playing a lot better and will beat them.
no. They're not as good as their record.
I think there is a very good chance New Orleans beats them this week. If not, Atlanta will still lose at least 2.
they aint even that good
The Effect

They're either gonna lose to the Saints, Giants, and/or Tampa (due to resting starters in week 17), then go on to lose to either the Packers or Giants (again) in the divisional round.
Saints will win.
they'll lose at least 3. then be one and done in the pleayoffs
how about just a NO option. do we have to pick what team they lose to?
if thats the case im not voting. but i do pick no
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