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*** WEEK 9 NFL GAMEDAY THREAD 11/1 - 11/5 ***

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Rodgers is on pace to rush for 100 yards...

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damn.. Bears score a TD vs Titans on a blocked punt.

Packers in the RD and about to score.. something vs Cards.. soon.
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Originally posted by mayo49:
NFL Redzone all day for me.

Originally posted by Mr.Mcgibblets:
damn.. Bears score a TD vs Titans on a blocked punt.

bears D & ST killing it this year = blake costanzo effect
wow sick quick slant TD for cobb....wish we'd do that w/ KW or crabs
Packers throw a short slant and get lots of YAC for the TD !!!

LOL at poor Cards getting done like that two weeks in a row!
tards dbs still can't tackle lol
Nobody on the tards can tackle, that was gross. Looked like the LB put his shoulder down and let Cobb roll off of him.
The Cardinals are free falling fast.
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Until the Cards get a Qb, their going to continue to suck.

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Deangelo Williams is sick
the Panthers are stupid for not using him more

damn he's already 29. what a waste. I always thought he could've been a top 5 RB but he just hasn't been used correctly
he's averaged 5 yards per carry in his career pretty damn good
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Washington Obamas 3 - Carolina Romneys 7
Originally posted by Dr_Bill_Walsh:
Washington Obamas 3 - Carolina Romneys 7

America - 0
Is anybody else watch Luck and Tannehill... These guys are two very good young quarterbacks
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Eric Decker owning Nate Clemets with a stiff arm lol love it.
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