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London says Hello!

A big gathering to celebrate the NFL game (Rams vs Patriots) filled Trafalgat Square today. Robert Kraft spoke briefly and stated his belief that London should have its own franchise in the next decade.

Rob Gronowski spiked the mike, which kind of surprised the presenters.

Niner Noise entertained, as a kind of preparation for next year.

Trafalgar Square was overflowing, nice to see so many fans of the game. And tomorrow, Wembley will be sold out and rocking.
I don't know why these London games irritate me so much. I guess it's just selfish, but I want the NFL to stay here in the States. Mixing with CFL didn't go so well here. I don't like the idea of sharing the game.

In my mind this is our national pastime (baseball is a joke). Football is just a reflection of our culture. The expansion, IMO, is just a move by the owners to increase revenue by crossing into new markets. It's not about the game.
Wouldn't worry about it strick. Moving a franchise over there would quickly lose its luster. It would be a bad franchise (wouldn't move a good one) and they would probably suck. Fans wouldn't want to show up to a sport that they care about as much as watching bowling when the team sucks. I doubt this ever happens.
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English is a Patriot fan
Why do we always send bad matchups?
move the patriots to england
Hey English!

How's the Steak & Kidney Pie?
Originally posted by JerryRice1848:
English is a Patriot fan

Originally posted by LasVegasWally:
Hey English!

How's the Steak & Kidney Pie?

I was there in 2010 it was really fun!
Originally posted by YungAce:
Why do we always send bad matchups?

I think on purpose, they figure that game wouldnt have generated a lot of $$ anyways, hy not use it to advertise?
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No NFL team in London. Then you have jet lag issues and crossing the continents. Just in U.S. Thank you.
London isn't real
Originally posted by marshniners24:
London isn't real

English is Buzz B