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49er Fans Least Liked NFL Player

49er Fans Least Liked NFL Player

Steven a smith......I'm so sick of his mouth and his point of views about blacks and whites. He's a joke!!!!
Tebow because he is way overrated by the media.
Originally posted by Blockhead596:
People actually voted for Drew Brees? Now that's funny!!! That's like saying you hate Kurt Warner. Nobody hates those guys.

Respect Kurt Warner the person, but hated Kurt Warner the player. key player for two division rivals.
kyle williams JK probably victor cruz
Jimmy Graham ...straight up A-Hole

Roman Harper .....trying to hurt our guys in the playoffs, dirty b*****d ...watched the game over and noticed he played extra dirty against us

Jay Cutler ....Million dollar arm and a ten cent head , a real douchebag

Darnell Dockett ....we hate you too motherf*cker

but if I had to add an NFL coach , it would be Kevin Gilbride , I cant wait for us to meet up again , we need to wipe that stupid smirk off his face
Manning & Cruz cause us the most trouble BUT Dockett brings out the venom in me.
Drew Brees
Jimmy Graham
Roman Harper
Will Smith
-Pretty much the whole Saints team
Kyle Williams
Cam Newton, poor attitude... really cant stand that guy
Originally posted by JoseCortez:
Alex smith.

yeah where is this option at???

I agree, Finnegan for sure. I didn't even like him when he was on the Titans' team, I dislike him even more now.
lol really, people voted for Tim Tebow and Drew Brees? Over some of the other clowns on that list?
Mike Vike the K-9 killer!!! What a complete heartless JERK!
Originally posted by MILFS:
russell wilson

Not to bash on my own QB but, doesn't a player have to...

A) actually accomplish something in his professional career
B) perform some heinous act on/off the field

before he can be "hated"?
Last I checked, RW has done neither.

Here's to all in the NFCW hatin' on him for reals in the not too distant future though
Dog-Killer all day... every day.
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