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Eagles DC Juan Castillo fired

bad news for us......seeing as he was the sucks.
he's a good dood.
Not a good sign for the Reid administration.,
Thats funny, it should be the offense taking heat. They are the ones losing games and turning the ball over at a record setting pace. WTF do you want from your defense when you are turning the ball over 4-5 times a game.

I guess if you are Reid you cant fire yourself!

Can you say undeserving scapegoat? Look at the TOP, Long story told short.
They have been better this year (the D) but this move is a year too late. Like others said. Shouldn't have even been hired as the DC in the first place.
I agree that it is the offense that's the problem with the Eagles. But players were grumbling last year when he moved over from being an Oline coach. I think his firing is cuz A: Reid has to do something and B: his defense has been known to play soft and give up leads. There was a stat they showed where his D was great for qtrs 1-3, then nose dive in the 4th.
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Originally posted by 49erfeeeever808:
Originally posted by toppdogg32:
Thrown under the bus and scapegoat. Reid is runnin scared and will probably be fired by end of year, sooner if they get below .500 near seasons end w/no chance at playoffs.

Reid for OC

(considering Roman got offers last year )

He'll get hired as a HC elsewhere if hes fired
sign him now!

at the Eagles part of Inside the NFL, it was an ugly scene at the end of the Eggles loss. Some fan was chewing out Reid from the stands in the rain. ''YOU'RE ...DAYY.S...ARE...NUMBERED!!;;
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