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*** WEEK 6 NFL GAMEDAY THREAD 10/11 - 10/15 ***

Raiders better not f**k this up...
Lol Brit Miller fail
Phins go 3 and out after fumble recovery... now up 10-6.
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Man, I hope the Eagles and the dog killer lose.

I like Vick personally


to piss you off.
That little WR More for the raiders has some slick moves
who got hurt in the eagles game?
Originally posted by WhoGotItBetterThenUs:
That little WR More for the raiders has some slick moves

remember really liking him a while back.. kid's got some natural skills fo sure..

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It looks like Dallas is copying our offense.....and as SOON as I write that romo throws a pick lol
Just watching two of our opponents. Man we've come a looong way, the Rams can't move the ball efficently, and neither can the Dolphins. If they show up as this against us they shall get slaughtered. Terribly boring game.
Stafford with a bad 3rd down miss to wide open man running an out... ugly.
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But before that int, romo was 9/10 for 81 yards, all sorts of rushing yards and lots of short to intermediate tosses.

Then rimo becomes romo and tosses the ball to the other team.
Ryan with 3 INTs and he still has an 82.8 passer rating right now..
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