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*** WEEK 6 NFL GAMEDAY THREAD 10/11 - 10/15 ***

geez if the cowboys win
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YES!!!!!!!!! DEZ Bryant Fvcked up... that game ins't gonna go overtime! Thank god.

lol. Good point.

uh oh, onside recovered by Cowboys

its all good at least its not going overtime.
No way thats not PI
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I have a friend who's a Seahawks fan (), however I'm not sure if he coined that name or not, but during the Seahawks vs. Rams game, he called him Legatron and I've been calling him that ever since lol

Yeah I guess the kid came from some small division 3 school or somethin. He's kicked some over 60 and made them, i know that.
Omfg the Cowboys are going to pull this off..... Un f**king believeable
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I dislike Baltimore so I wouldn't mind a loss here.
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How was that PI, that looked nothing like an arm bar

get this cowboy/ravens s**t off fox
miss it miss it miss it
some unbelievable finishes today
cowpukes fail anyway!!!
cowboys lose lol
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