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*** WEEK 3 NFL GAMEDAY THREAD 9/20 - 9/24 ***

Humiliating for the Panthers at home. This team actually beat the Saints?
eli and giants dominating
im gonna do something else and come back and check on this game, if I can remember to. Giants look like they got this in the bag.
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Panthers laying down like the b***hes they are
What does this say about the Saints...
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Brown is getting me some points
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lol this is what Alex was talking about. Panthers will keep passing all game now that they're down by 3 possessions and Newton will have a s**t load of yards but the Panthers will lose.
wwhat a bad throw shouldve been picked by jpp and then hrrible screen
nice play there finally

seeem slike cam can only play in spread they have to do more of that to stay in this game
lol cam slowing down williams

Originally posted by Tman:
Originally posted by YungBird:
Don't give it to Cruz

disregard these instructions eli

Panthers suck. Had all the advantages and playing like crap
So hard to tell how bad/good the Rams, Redskins, Saints, and Panthers are after seeing all this already.

when did the giants o line get this good

not only is he getting a perfect pocket every play he can actually hold on the ball forever and ihe still wont get sacked
Panthers suck
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