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Harbaugh throwing TD in Candlestick Park

TD drive around 1:10:00.
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@ the 1991 team NOT making the playoffs...stupid saints and falcons....stupid cowboys taking our spot
...also, ironic & interesting the conversation about Bill Walsh returning to the Niners in 1992 as a player/personnel executive during Harbaugh's drive. It didn't pan out (though he did return later in the 90's) but it'd be interesting to speculate whether the Charles Haley trade to Dallas (he'd have been traded to another team) or the Joe Montana trade to KC (Joe might've stayed) go down IF Walsh had been calling the shots...

I think Niners at least take one of those Cowboys titles away
Wasn't this the 'exact' game in which (afterwards) Jim Harbaugh told the media, "I will hate the 49ers for the rest of my life!" ??? Hahahahaha!!!!
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I predict

a similar outcome
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