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RG3 the Freight Train of awesome.

Wow was he good yesterday. I watched that game. He's fast, strong, accurate, a decision maker way beyond his years. He looked confortable in the pocket and was making the right decisions. Unusual for a rookie. He looks like he has been around longer. He just seems confortable in the pocket. Like a natural. Beyond that he can make any throw on the field. Just a rocket arm. Accurate too. His throws are just amazing. It's hard to tell with 1 game. But this guy looks rediculously good. Time will tell if he really is.
He certainly was impressive. Skins D played well too. Brees is no slouch.
Originally posted by LasVegasWally:
He certainly was impressive. Skins D played well too. Brees is no slouch.

His upside looks through the roof. He was scary good for a rookie in the first game.
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Imagine what harbaugh could do with him
You know I watched that game I didn't think he was all that impressive. They threw a lot of screens to the WRs and RBs I think Shanny did a real good job managing him. Once they have more film on this offense I think he will struggle.
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took Shanahan 3 years but I think he's finally found a QB... I loved Griffin at Baylor, wish him well in the L
Impressive, but still not on it. He was pretty much captain checkdown (or designed screen plays) that padded his stats. However, that being said, his pass to Pierre Garcon while being hit by the defender was . Garcon did the rest of the work, but that was a hell of a play. Mad props.
Originally posted by toeshawn:
Imagine what harbaugh could do with him

Said it for a long time. Griffin was my favorite QB for years over Luck. While coming out, he was not deemed the prospect that Luck was, but I stand by my words that he has all the potential in the world to be better than Luck one day.

Then again, it's only been one game. So there is much much more to be seen. Nice start, though.
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He still played well. But the team didn't do as well. Still this guy is rediculously impressive.

excellent. lets see what happens when he gets rattled and throws a couple INT's.
Thought for sure this would be an Amir thread. He loves the skins and RGIII.
I said it once the season started... I do not think he will be able to play a full 16 games this year. The guy is running for dear life on most plays on the way their offensive line gets man handled. If people want to think Vick is fragile then RGIII is about the same size and plays very similar to Vick. I think he is a great player but I think when they match up against a really tough caliber Defense he will be exposed.
the one thing i find weird is that he has only been blitzed 11 times in 2 weeks

that makes no sense to me a rookie qb should be blitzed
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Originally posted by Rubberneck36:
Thought for sure this would be an Amir thread. He loves the skins and RGIII.

Wtf SanDiego? why you starting a thread on my favorite player and team?
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