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2012 Pick 'Em Thread

Originally posted by Janitor:
Originally posted by WookieOftheYear:
8 games back



Only gained one spot after going 12-1 though... everyone had a good week, haha

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9-4 so far this week
Originally posted by WookieOftheYear:
9-4 so far this week

same here if the 49ers win tonight it will be 10-4

hopefully that would be good enough to get my name from page 6 of the standing to maybe page 4 or 5
9-5 this week, which was good enough to gain a game on a bunch of the other staff.
11-3 this week
9-5 this week, still 6 behind though. D'oh!
Well I'm 10-3 this week so far and will be 11-3 if the Saints win tomorrow. On one hand I thought I had a pretty good week until I saw VDSF posted a 11-2 and will be 12-2 if the Saints win tomorrow and dwy621's posted a 13-0 and will have a perfect 14-0 week if the Saints win tomorrow.

After posting a 10-3 or a potential 11-3 week instead of gaining some ground, I will be losing more ground to the top 2 current participants.

Just Brutal! Absolutely Brutal!
11-2 so far and I have the Saints winning tonight
I gained on Boast and Kid, but didn't actually move up any. 11-3.
Oops. I was in the thick of it. Didn't pick lol.

12-2 this week In another pick em I have 90 wins in this one I have 87. FUUUUUUUUU I thought I was making the same picks in both pick ems.

Gotta start gaining some ground

Well go ahead and give everybody a tie
Originally posted by jrg:
Well go ahead and give everybody a tie

I think in the Pickem contest if a game ends in a tie, everyone gets a free win, unless they forgot to make a pick for that game
making a huge jump after this week
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