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2012 Pick 'Em Thread

Didn't see a thread, so here we go!
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Didn't expect the Saints to lose
my pics were so off
im doing well so far. everything besides the damn saints
10-2 so far. forgot to make a pick for the cowboys/giants game.

buffalo and carolina are my two losses.

philly, detroit, minnesota, arizona, washington all came up big late for me.
Started 7-2, now sitting at 8-6. Stupid late games... 49ers game was the only one I got right. Why the hell did I pick the Steelers?
I'm sitting @ 9-5, with the Monday night games left. I picked the G'men on Wednesday,
so I figured I was a game up, on the majority of posters, and gambled on the Chiefs game.
Felt Ryan would have his team FIRED UP after the NY Post clown pics, & picked them.

I'm down 'wit RG III (like Deion) - and thought the Rook would play well - but didn't expect
the Saints to FOLD like a paper towel in the Dome. A Few upsets IMO:
  • Cardinals
  • Vikings - despite the Pick 'Em percentage

Then as usual - and @ least once a week - a last minute change, from the Bucs, to the
Panthers ... I HATE when I do that !
11-3. Giants, saints, and panthers screwed me.
7-7 nice start

Saints lost (wow)
Jags lost (that was a toss up)
Seahawks lost (wow again)
Carolina lost (meh)
Giants lost (I was split on that one, damn)

Horrible week for me.

Can we get this pinned, btw?
Where's the TOP Dogs from last season ... Fricker, YungAce, are you out there
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