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Current NFL players Vs. NFL Legends

Jim Brown would actually miss a lot of playing time due suspension if he played today. (Think Pac Man Jones.) Wife-beater Brown physically punished the women in his life like would-be tacklers, and I'm sure Roger Goodell would be suspending him with regularity based upon numerous assault convictions. Jim Brown Domestic Violence HOFer. Zero respect for the gutless coward.
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Even with modern training methods increasing his speed and size Jim Brown would not have the same advantage he had 50 years ago. He was bigger than almost everyone on the defense trying to tackle him. Even if you put 25 pounds on him (make him 260), he is going to be smaller than all the defensive line and the same size as the linebackers. He didn't have much lateral movement. He averaged 5.2 ypc with straight ahead power and speed, that would get him around 4 yards a carry these days.
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