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Who will have a better year? T.O. or Moss?

Who will have a better year? T.O. or Moss?

T.O. He will be on the field more and has less talent around him....I think.
Another 3 drops last night for TO?
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He did have a pretty good catch on an under thrown ball though.
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Bias aside, I say Moss. Moss has been outstanding so far in OTA's, Mini camps and in Training camp. Owens got into camp late and is struggling to get any kind of chemistry with his QB's. If the Hawks were smart, they'd keep TO on the roster, for one, they aren't paying much almost for free. Two, there's no telling how long Edwards will last in the regular season or Sidney Rice.
Originally posted by 49erfeeeever808:
Maybe TO don't even make the roster? meh..... we'll see how pre-season goes, we were saying the same thing about Moss a few months ago.......

TO.... because Moss will be sharing the ball with VD, Crabtree, Mario, Gore, Hunter, LMJ, AJ...........................................

well...... i was wrong (half wrong)...........
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TO is garbage
...T.O. is out of Seattle.

Guess Moss will, haha
End of the line for TO

Originally posted by blizzuntz:
Will TO not get cut?

T.O has been released by the i say
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Oh wait, no this guy:

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